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Religious Education

Nurturing Spirituality

Children are innately spiritual. The nurturing of children’s spiritual development is important in Catholic Kindergartens.

The Religious Education program incorporates a holistic approach. It stimulates children’s imagination, wonder and awe through scripture stories, hands-on activities and role-play. Our Catholic rituals include prayer, Christian Meditation and liturgy.

The connection between Catholic kindergartens, schools and parishes provide children with a greater understanding of the importance of community and their place within this community.

 Catholic Kindergartens are proud to welcome all cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Our kindergarten children learn from one another and through our tolerance and understanding of each other, we grow together in harmony.

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation aims to teach children to find God in stillness, silence, and simplicity; or as the Old Testament says "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10). Our meditation mantra is “Maranatha” an Aramaic word meaning ‘Come, Lord Jesus’. It is important for children not to think of the mantra as a magic word but rather as a way to stop other images filling the mind and to come to wakeful stillness and holy silence.


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