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St Michael’s Kindergarten, Palm Island


1/26 Banfield Hwy, Palm Island, QLD 4816



Tuesday to Thursday
8:30am to 1.40pm

Palm Island St Michael's Kindy is a Kindergarten educational program located in the heart of beautiful Palm Island. Our kindergarten program provides care for children based on a framework that focuses on how they socialise and learn and how we can best assist them in growth.

Our educators are passionate about getting to know each child and what is important to their individual development. We can then use this information to develop an inclusive, interactive and caring environment that encourages natural exploration and adventure. We provide a Kindergarten program for children who will turn four before 30th June during the Kindergarten year.

Exceptional Care, in the Heart of Palm Island

At St Michael's Kindy, we enjoy planning various activities and taking the children to the local library, major functions at the school, and on other local excursions to form meaningful bonds with the local community. The St Michael's Kindergarten comprises two dedicated staff members who have been working together at the Kindergarten for many years. We're always eager to get to know you, your child, your family, and your child's values, so we can deliver a child-led education program that will nurture individuality.

We're confident that St Michael's Kindy will provide your child with a fantastic opportunity to familiarise themselves with schooling and social life. Our deep connection with the local community and school allows the children to become confident, comfortable and compassionate members of Palm Island, eager to learn and grow.

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