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Southern Cross Catholic College OSHC, Annandale


62-84 Gartell Street, Annandale, QLD 4814



Monday to Friday
Before School Care: 6.30am to 8.30am
After School Care: 2.45pm to 6.00pm
Vacation Care: 7.00am to 6.00pm

Southern Cross Catholic College OSHC is a care facility offering before and after school care and vacation care to the Annandale community's youngest members. Through an engaging, educational and playful environment, children are provided with an extension to their day, where they continue to learn, grow and develop under the care of passionate early educators.

Located in the heart of Annandale, our centre offers some fantastic areas of play for children. We're located not far from the army barracks, university and hospital, and foster an environment that provides support beyond the children; to their surrounding families. Our educators endeavour to genuinely understand and benefit each child within the care centre, ensuring that various activities are undertaken to suit each individual personality.

Exceptional Child-Led Care

Southern Cross Catholic College OSHC is made up of a team of dedicated educators, with a service that holds regular stakeholder meetings and participation in all school events. Our team comprises a group of experienced, dedicated and compassionate professional early educators. Built on a sense of community, the Annandale OSHC continues to create and treasure both new and old relationships with families within the Annandale area.

Based on a child-led framework of care, we offer activities for children ranging from cooking to science experiments to playing sport outside. Our team pays special attention to each child's needs and prioritises creating a collaborative, creative and compassionate environment. We believe that a foundational component of early education should be driven by the children and their interests.

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