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St Anthony’s Kindergarten, Deeragun


1/16 Veales Rd, Deeragun QLD 4818



Monday to Friday
Kindergarten: 8:15am to 2.45pm

St Anthony's Kindy is a Kindergarten education facility located north of Townsville and servicing the suburb of Deeragun. Situated within a tight-knit community, St Anthony's kindy is known for its deep connections among the educators, the children, the past students and the newcomer families. 

We are fortunate enough to sidle the lovely St Anthony's Primary school and are regularly welcomed to join in on special events and use their facilities such as the library and Prep playground. 

Exceptional Kindergarten

Based on a program that caters to the children's needs, our centre fosters a comfortable, enjoyable and positive learning experience that nurtures each early learner's individuality. The spacious, open centre allows children to experience natural exploration and adventure in a caring, supportive and interactive environment.

St Anthony's Kindy is proud to incorporate sustainable practices into each day, which the children are also heavily educated and involved in. We collect lids from containers and yoghurts, which are then used in our arts and crafts. Our centre is also proud owners of a worm farm fed by the children's scraps, collected during morning tea and lunch.

Sending your children to St Anthony's Kindy, you can be confident that their daily experience is a top priority. Providing a program wherein the children visit the primary school fortnightly, the children are able to borrow library books, play with the preps and pave the path for a smooth transition into their next part of their education journey. 


Free Kindy Tick

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