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St Benedict’s Kindergarten, Shaw


1/890 Dalrymple Rd, Shaw, QLD 4818



Monday to Friday
Kindergarten: 6.30am to 6.00pm

St Benedict’s is a kindergarten facility located in the heart of Shaw. Servicing the local community, our families come from the nearby new developments and as far away as Northern Beaches and Mount Louisa.

We operate with two large spaces and a shared playground, wherein the children have access to an engaging, explorative and playful learning environment.

Opening up at 6.30 am, our facility allows for breakfast, additional time for the slow risers and table activities for the early risers. We’re located in a beautiful location with high ceilings, natural light and inclusive activities. By 3.00 pm, the children are participating in the afternoon programs until families arrive for pick-up, depending on their outside commitments.

An Engaging, Happy Learning Environment

We are part of the Good Shepherd Parish and nurture a strong connection with St Benedict’s School. The principal of St Benedict’s School welcomes us to assemblies and sporting events, and we have regular visits to the oval, play equipment and school library.

The priority for educators at St Benedict’s is to establish trusting relationships with the children that form the basis of a happy learning environment. We believe in innovative play spaces that encourage investigation of the natural world through water, sand and mud play.

St Benedict’s offers a safe and secure environment where friendly and welcoming educators will nurture your child. Your child will form friendships as they play, paint, build, navigate, experiment, dance and laugh. We work to ensure each child is a confident learner ready for their entrance into their next step into formal schooling.


Free Kindy Tick

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