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St Clare’s Kindergarten, Burdell


1/39 Burdell Drive, Burdell QLD 4818



Monday to Friday
Kindergarten: 8:15am to 2.45pm

Located on the St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School site, St Clare's Kindy offers children a safe, serene and positive learning environment with deep connections with the surrounding community.

Providing two five-day fortnight Kindergarten programs, the St Clare’s Kindergarten offers a playful, enjoyable and interactive experience right in the heart of beautiful Burdell.

At St Clare’s, we believe in fostering positive partnerships with children, parents and the wider community. We provide a safe and supportive learning environment that supports the holistic development of each individual child. Our Kindergarten program is based on a play-based learning program that nurtures curiosity, resilience and independence, problem solving skills, spirituality and life-long learning attitudes.

Closely Connected with St Clare’s Catholic School

Our facility regularly interacts with and participate in school assemblies and liturgies. We participate in regular visits to the St Clare's School library where the children borrow a library book and enjoy fortnightly PE lessons with the St Clare's School Physical Education teacher.

The St Clare’s Kindy educators are warm, welcoming and believe in fostering positive relationships with both child and family, thus enhancing the individual growth and independence of each child. We focus on an exploratory environment that allows children to meaningfully engage in learning with peers and teachers. Best of all, we share a supportive and ongoing relationship with St Clare's School, ensuring a smooth transition into Prep for each child.

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