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St Joseph’s OSHC, North Ward


6-14 Fryer St, North Ward, QLD 4810



Monday to Friday
Before School Care: 6.30am to 8.30am
After School Care: 2.30pm to 6.00pm
Vacation Care: 6.30am to 6.00pm

St Joseph's OSHC is an outside of school hours care facility located on the Strand and servicing the surrounding areas of North Ward in Townsville. Situated in the heart of one of Queensland's oldest enclaves, our OSHC care facility holds deep roots with its coastal surrounds.

We provide exceptional after school care, before school care, vacation care within a child-led program. Our incredible and passionate staff members allow the children to have a large input in their sessions, and we regularly use the Strand during vacation care. We adore getting to know each child and providing a facility that encourages natural exploration and play.

Exceptional Before, After & Vacation Care

At St Joseph's OSHC, we're here to deliver an extension of each child's day. We foster a comfortable, safe and engaging environment that nurtures natural play, growth and development. Our educators work to develop on-going relationships with each child and their families. We endeavour to create a space that has an open-door, family-like sense of community. Our caring staff love getting to know each child's individual quirks and interests and go out of their way to ensure all families feel welcome and supported each day.

Our facility offer several different play spaces within our centre, and our program of experiences includes cooking, art, music, organised sports, drama, indoor group games and more. Sending your children to our out of school hours care, you can be confident that they will enjoy a fun and enjoyable extension of their day.

Hear all about our facility from Our Service Leader, Gloria Zappala

How long have you worked in early childhood and/or education and care?

I have been working in the early childhood care sector for 19 years.

Why were you drawn to become an educator in early childhood/OSHC?

My love for children is what first drew me to become an early childhood educator. The ability to see children grow and learn over the years is also a huge part of why I went down the path of early childhood care.

What is your favourite thing about being a service leader/teacher (Director/Coordinator)?

My favourite thing about being a service leader is collaborating with families. I enjoy being able to foster and provide an environment for children in our centre in which they feel safe, supported and valued.

What is the best thing about your centre/kindergarten/OSHC?

The best thing about our centre is the strong relationships that have been built between families and staff. Within our centre, we pride ourselves on developing and treasuring strong relationships with both children and families throughout the entire North Ward community.

What is one thing that you tell all families?

The one thing that I tell all families is not to worry! Their children will love it here and typically won't want to go home at the end of the day!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy both swimming and camping. I also enjoy socialising in my free time.

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