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St Mary MacKillop Early Learning Centre, Rasmussen



65 Allambie Lane, Rasmussen QLD 4815



Monday to Friday
6:00am to 6:00pm



65 Allambie Lane, Rasmussen QLD 4815


Rasmussen early learning centre is an educational facility providing engaging, creative and nurturing care for the youngest members of the Rasmussen community.

Located on Allambie Lane, adjacent to Good Shepherd Catholic School, our service is known as a pillar in the surrounding community, forming valuable connections with each new and old family.

At Rasmussen ELC, we prioritise developing a comfortable, safe and enjoyable environment for our early learners. We believe that children are shaped by their early experiences, environments and interactions – we are passionate about providing positive experiences for each child’s foundational years of life.

An Engaging, Stimulating & Playful Environment

Providing long day care for children from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years old, our centre has earned an outstanding reputation in the community. Our family referrals are high, and we offer a kindergarten program offered by a well-respected, experienced teacher. Rasmussen ELC is closely connected to the Parish and school community, regularly facilitating visits and excursions to the library, assembly and school grounds to familiarise the children and build the foundations for buddy-relationships.

We’re confident that the children within our care at the Rasmussen ELC will enjoy our welcoming and stimulating environment. We work under the belief that all children have their own unique qualities that need to be nurtured; some of the activities that we encourage include puppet stories, cultural activities and learning about values. With every activity, we ensure that all early leaners are both respected and valued. Built on a strong sense of family and community, our team make sure to bring something special to each new day at Rasmussen ELC.


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